Student Spotlight – Connor

My time as a summer student with the DWA has been a great opportunity to further develop my research skills with a community centered focus. Though the work is done at home, the weekly team meetings with staff and peers bring all the necessities of the workplace right to my computer. The research I’m primarily tasked with is based around specific labour markets within Durham Region, reviewing and detailing critical information in order to aid the DWA in its mission to community success.

These challenging times bring a unique set of obstacles for each labour market as their recovery is paramount to the success of the Region. Gaining past and real-time knowledge of these developing markets is at the core of my work as I can contribute to finding solutions by engaging community partners and employers.

Though many of the projects I am tasked with completing are independent, the work environment is equally as collaborative. In addition to weekly meetings with permanent staff, my colleagues and I run our own team meetings in which we can discuss ongoing projects and individual success.

The work we are doing regarding labour market information is very rewarding and gives a sense of meaning to each ongoing project. Whether it is a new aspect of research or a continuation of our existing skills, it is always done collectively and with great purpose.