Jobs First Durham

The DWA is proud to launch the release of Jobs First Durham (JFD), searchable web aggregator of Durham Region Jobs from a multitude of national, provincial, and local job boards. The goal of JFD is to make searching for your next job in Durham Region easier while providing custom data reports that incorporate the existing DWA data portal to enhance the information available through features such as labour market graphs, tables, and more.

The DWA has launched two new monthly JFD data reports using locally collected labour market data. These reports will help job seekers better understand employer needs, making them invaluable for community and government organizations supporting economic and workforce development in the region.

The monthly Job Search Report for Durham Region is created by the DWA using data collected from three of our own job finding tools: Jobs First Durham Jobs Board, Jobs Map, Career Explorer. The data will be collected with consent and with the knowledge that it will be anonymous and posted publicly.