Research and Reports

Labour Market Plan

The Durham Workforce Authority develops an annual labour market planning document that provides new and emerging actions, including a three-year outlook. This just-in-time labour market information addresses both immediate labour market issues and provides data-driven recommendations to address emerging challenges for the workforce in the Durham Region.

Durham Workforce Survey

The DWA surveys the supply and demand for labour in our Region in alternating years.  An employer survey was completed in 2023, and a survey of residents will be conducted in 2024.  This survey is designed to gather insights from residents of Durham Region regarding their skills, current employment status, and employment goals. It is a key aspect of understanding the dynamic workforce landscape, and the results will inform future workforce development strategies, educational programs, and employment initiatives based on the identified needs and aspirations of Durham Region residents.

Community Service Planning

The DWA is convening stakeholders throughout the Region to develop a deliberate and streamlined approach to service planning at the community level.  This will reduce ineffective and overlapping activities by providing a structured approach to achieving goals and objectives. Through planning, organizations can identify and allocate resources efficiently, set priorities, and coordinate activities to avoid duplication of efforts while delivering tangible results for residents of Durham Region.

Engaging Youth in Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture uses technology to efficiently grow crops
by leveraging data that enables farmers to decide how to manage their land. This improves operational productivity, reduces waste and improves environmental sustainability.

The DWA will engage students in the Specialist High Skills Majors programs offered through school boards in the Region to better understand the in-demand occupations in this important subsector of agriculture. Through hands-on participation and presentations, students will learn the education and employment pathways available to them.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Research Strategy Development Report (Click to download)

The pandemic revealed that women, youth, persons with disabilities, newcomers, Indigenous, 2SLGBTQI+ Community and others are at a far greater risk of labour market shocks.  As part of this research and a permanent change in research strategy, the DWA has created a research standard that applies an equity lens to all data collection in the future to broaden the understanding of the local labour market.


The Pandemic in Labour Report (Click to download)

Employers throughout the Durham Region have expressed concerns that they cannot recruit or retain labour across all sectors and occupation profiles. This report explores a new approach to LMI, employer engagement and the future of work in Durham Region.