Research and Reports

Durham Workforce Authority Research Strategy

The DWA Research Strategy is founded on principles of transparency, fairness, and accountability. Our emphasis on communities means positioning our research activities to be responsive to identified community needs, building connections, and promoting system-wide leadership.  Research is conducted in partnership with our stakeholders, the broader community, and the DWA Board of Directors to foster a culture of inquiry and provide support for development.

DWA Research Strategy (pdf.)

2022-2023 Projects Overview

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Research Strategy Development

The pandemic has revealed that women, youth, persons with disabilities, newcomers, Indigenous, LGBTQ+ Community and others are at a far greater risk of labour market shocks.  The DWA will move to embed an EDI lens throughout all future research the DWA completes in the future.

The DWA will broaden its outreach to diverse communities in the region to engage with the DWA.  Results from occupation-level analysis, using a method for calculating the likelihood of automation, show that visible minority, Indigenous, female and youth workers are over-represented in occupations that are at risk for labour market shocks and disruptions, historically, this has not been part of the DWA research strategy.  The Covid 19 pandemic has illuminated the research bias.

As part of this research and permanent change in research strategy, the DWA will create a research standard that applies an equity lens to all data collection in the future to broaden the understanding of the local labour market. The standard will seek to find appropriate data collection and reporting methods that is not exclusive or colonial, connecting to new community partners to better serve job seekers, learners, and those with lived experience.

Local Labour Market Plan (LLMP) Update

The DWA will release an update to the community responsive Local Labour Market planning document that provides new and emerging actions and a three-year outlook.

The DWA will provide just in time labour market information that addresses the immediate labour market issues facing Durham Region because of the unexpected COVID19 pandemic.

A Labour Market Plan for Durham Region that provides timely labour market information, and qualitative and quantitative analysis and recommendations for Durham Region.

Jobs First Durham Community Training

In consultation with community partners, including Economic Development, Literacy Service Providers, Ontario Works and Employment Service Providers, the DWA will develop and deliver presentations on community-based research methods.  These training session will improve the community’s understanding and use of the data resources and employment tools available through Jobs First Durham.

The Pandemic in Labour Report

Employers throughout the Durham Region have expressed concerns that they cannot recruit or retain labour across all sectors and occupation profiles. The reports will explore a new approach to LMI, employer engagement and the future of work in Durham Region.

The DWA values dissemination of our labour market information (LMI), our focus is generally on publishing results in policy reports and sharing them in professional meetings and conferences.

Lakeshore Community Economic Development Plan

The Durham Workforce Authority has been awarded a Resilient Communities Fund grant through the Ontario Trillium Foundation.  Through this project, the DWA will work with Feed the Need in Durham (a leading organization in the service of Durham’s priority neighbourhoods) in order to convene local stakeholders in the Lakeshore community to co-create a community economic development plan that is rooted in a collective impact approach to service intervention and neighborhood engagement. The purpose of this planning process will be to inform and support the development of appropriate, new, and innovative interventions in the Lakeshore neighborhood that will support a healthy and sustainable recovery for the community.