About Us

The Durham Workforce Authority (DWA) is a community-based not-for-profit. We work hard to convene the voices of the sectors, ensure good stewardship of public funds and provide reliable research focused on local labour market information (LMI).

The DWA works with community stakeholders from business, labour, education and training, community services and municipal, provincial and federal governments. As you can appreciate, over twenty-five years of being a reliable partner in the local community has resulted in some very deep ties with our many community partners and the DWA is seen as a key link in those partnerships in our region.

The DWA has endeavoured to apply a high degree of academic rigour and accepted professional research practices in its pursuit of local labour market data. DWA advises that its work passes scrutiny under the local academic institution’s Research Ethics Board (REB) process and, as such, is considered valid, ethical and representative. In putting this process at the forefront of its research activities, DWA’s goal has been to set a standard of research excellence among its counterparts in the province.

In DWA’s view, the collective impact that results from DWA survey instruments and research creates a sound and valid basis upon which organizations can develop strategies and integrate these reports, surveys and data findings into their own activities. We believe that a strong research foundation contributes significantly to the sound and efficacious application of results.

The DWA is excited about the prospects for our future, one of ongoing change that will allow us to continue to conduct and expand our groundbreaking labour market research, including our Skill Shed and Durham Under 25 Survey, as well as the partnership work we have begun with our Learning Community.

The DWA has more than 25 years of labour market research in the Durham Region and is excited about the work ahead.  We look forward to continuing to work with our current and future partners to continue local labour market planning, research and innovation.