Region of Durham and DWA Launch Manufacturers Survey

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Oshawa, ON –The Region of Durham Economic Development Department and the Durham Workforce Authority are partnering with  Canada’s largest manufacturing consortium – Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) to help local manufacturers, government, post-secondary institutions and other stakeholders to access vital industry Labour Market Intelligence and capability metrics, with the launch of the Manufacturing GPS survey for Durham Region manufacturers.

Beyond a traditional research sector study, Manufacturing GPS will assess the Human Capital/Resources and Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) needs for all local manufacturing sectors, focusing on the collection, analysis and ultimately better dissemination of LMI through a fully accessible platform.

Manufacturing GPS is a searchable LMI system, with benchmarking, skills and capability resources, reports and outreach portal to better help sectors by providing a crucial and unique tool for local manufacturers  This macro-level LMI resource with the flexibility of micro-level detail, combined with EMC’s extensive consortium and online network will better position manufacturers on the global productivity map.

This project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Labour Market Partnerships—Sector Initiatives Program and will be fully accessible to four key target audiences: 1) Canadian manufacturing firms, 2) Job Seekers and Students, 3) Postsecondary Institutions, and 4) All levels of government.

There is no cost for industry to participate in the Manufacturing GPS survey.  Participants will also benefit from no cost access to online skills development, training and other LMI resources being provided through EMC’s Canadian Manufacturing Network.

“Launching this survey for local employers will help provide manufacturers with Labour Market Information to inform action plans for employee/labour skills and capabilities planning,” said Heather McMillan, Executive Director of the Durham Workforce Authority.

‘EMC conducts annual nation-wide manufacturing LMI and salary surveys among its industry management.  This survey and report will be tools that will help them assess the future skills composition and needs of their often-aging workforce.’ Said Eileen Kennedy of the Region of Durham Economic Development Department.

Manufacturers completing the full survey will be able to access the study data at:​.

As companies complete the study, the site will update to allow you to build a more detailed view of your specific manufacturing area or the sector.


EMC Background

Development for Canadian Manufacturing Network helps employers to access up-to-date information, track industry trends on specific skills shortages with resources and tools, compensation rates for key occupations, HR productivity data, supply shortages and demand gaps and recruitment and retention strategies.

Another key outcome of Manufacturing GPS is the ability for a manufacturer to benchmark and see where they fit within their sector or region, but also put themselves on the map by promoting their capabilities to potential national and global customers.