On The Road to Inclusivity Report

In late 2017 the Durham Workforce Authority (DWA), worked with the community to carry forward the important work undertaken by Durham Region Employment Network (DREN) in the Community Roadmap to address the employment issues related to persons with disabilities in Durham Region.

The original DREN Ontario Labour Market Partnership Grant report provided 40 recommendations across six themes.  As the DWA moved forward with its own partnership grant, the DWA and its partners reviewed the DREN Ontario Labour Market Partnership (OLMP) report in detail and created three broad themes; Marketing and Communications, Research and Career Awareness.  The DWA OLMP focused the recommendations into a proposed three-year plan, thereby consolidating activities in multiple themes of the original six.  Pending funding, the DWA anticipates that it will complete 30 of the original deliverables over a three-year project plan.

The Durham Workforce Authority had contracted UOIT’s Social Research Centre to develop, administer and analyze an online survey to review the various elements of employment for Persons with Disabilities in the Durham Region.

A review of the project deliverables noted a strong need for customized local labour market information and labour market intelligence to underpin the Road Map’s recommendations.  To that end, the DWA and its partners in consultation with DREN created a project plan that focused in the first phase, a heavy emphasis on the collection of customized local labour market information (LMI) collected from Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in Durham Region who have an employment goal, community outreach to engage both employers and job seekers.

The report can be found here.