Jobs First Durham Job Tools – Tying it all Together

Jobs First Durham

Over the past few weeks. the DWA has outlined the various Job Tools offered by Jobs First Durham to make searching for work easier for job seekers. Jobs First Durham can help you find a career path, find a job on that path, and find the services and locations you need to make that job work for your life. The best part of Jobs First Durham is how these tools work together in tandem to provide the best job searching experience available specific to Durham Region.

Career Explorer

laptop with career explorer

The best place to start when using Jobs First Durham is the Career Explorer. When choosing your career path, it is important to know what jobs are actually in demand in the Region so you can ensure strong employment prospects in your field. After choosing a career, you will be able to see paths in and out of it and any associated job listings in Durham. This leads you to the Jobs Board.

Jobs Board

laptopThe Jobs Board shows you all of the specifics about the jobs you have discovered through the Career Explorer, including wages and minimum qualifications. You can then sort through other listings in the field and decide which job opportunity works best for you. It is always helpful to apply to as many jobs as you can to ensure you have the highest chance of finding employment.


Jobs Map

laptop with mapAfter you have decided on some jobs, the Jobs Map is a great place to plan your employment routine. Here you will find the location of the job postings alongside childcare centres, bus routes, and other services you may need to help you get back to work. The Jobs map helps to visualize the process, making it easier to plan out your employment journey.


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