Occupation Profiles in the Green Economy

Transitioning to a Green Economy is the result of collaboration between three Local Board areas – the Toronto Workforce Innovation Group (TWIG), Workforce Planning Board for York Region and Bradford West Gwillimbury and the Peel-Halton Workforce Development Group. These Workforce Planning Boards have generously shared these profiles with the Durham Workforce Authority.  We are grateful for this kind support.

The goal of the project is to identify industries affected by the green economy and increase our understanding of the effect of the green economy on occupations within key sectors.

The global crisis of 2008-2009 is forcing communities, regions and provinces to explore new areas for growth, examine the existing economic base for business retention and expansion, and investigate possibilities for future employment opportunities.

The green economy has been defined as an emerging marketplace that seeks to optimize the synergy among three sets of values: social, environmental and financial.

One aspect of the green economy is green collar jobs. These are occupations that facilitate the reduction of waste and pollution, improve the environment, and pay a livable wage with benefits that can support a family and offer potential for upward mobility.

In order to support sectoral development, growth and sustainability it is important to understand what and how industries and occupations will be influenced by this “green” movement and what is required to effectively transition a traditional labour force to one that can easily move into green careers.

The green economy requires a skilled and ready labour force that can effectively transition into emerging occupations. Identification of specific skills and ensuring appropriate training programs are available and accessible are key elements for success and local labour market readiness. Many green careers require some level of postsecondary education, thus supporting the need for availability and accessibility of environmentally related education programs.

Green Careers Agriculture Green Careers Construction (pdf) Green Careers Environmental

Green Careers Finance Green Careers Health Care Green Careers ICT Green Careers Retail Green Careers Utilities (pdf)