Construction Sector Study 2012

The Durham Workforce Authority formerly known as the Durham Region Local Training Board (DRLTB) in partnership with has initiated this research project to examine the ICI (Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional) sub-sector within the local context of Durham region. In essence this work will provide the necessary evidence to develop a strategic direction for actions and partnerships supporting labour force demand and positioning the sector to respond to business opportunities.

The Construction Sector Council of Canada (CSC) categorizes construction work under for key categories:

New Home Building and Renovation: the construction, remodeling and/or renovation of single family and multifamily residential buildings; 

Heavy Industrial: the construction of large industrial projects such as oil refineries, petrochemical plants and power plants;

Institutional and Commercial: the construction of commercial (i.e. strip malls, shopping centres, office buildings) and institutional buildings (i.e. schools, hospitals) and related structures such as stadiums, grain elevators and indoor swimming pools; and

Civil Engineering: the construction of entire engineering projects such as highways, dams, water and sewer lines, and bridges.

For the purpose of this report the construction sector is defined specifically as construction of buildings, heavy and civil engineering and specialty trade contractors. However, the construction sector has many related industries that either require construction services or provide services for the sector.

These support related industries are defined as: oil and gas extraction; utilities; rail transportation; pipeline transportation; telecommunications; credit intermediation and related activities; real estate; and professional, scientific and technical services.

Construction Report 2012 (pdf)