Work searches to remember while job hunting in an online world

Effective job searches these days start and end online.

Not long ago if you wanted to find work one of the first places you could go was the newspaper. Careers sections published in most daily newspapers every week had extensive listings of jobs. Classified sections also listed jobs — rows and rows of them.

These days however, newspapers are not the go-to places to find jobs anymore. The world has moved on from newsprint. Nowadays if you’re looking for work the first place you turn to is the Internet.

Before you start searching for work however, keep in mind you should have a resume ready. Many companies allow you to apply for work online so if you don’t have a resume you’ll be unable to apply for work. It’s also important to have a resume that you can add to sites such as LinkedIn. Employers will access different sites when trying to recruit new employees so make sure yours is posted to as many sites as possible. Once it’s online also make sure to keep it current, especially if you’ve added any jobs, skills or volunteer work you’d like to highlight.

Online searches

Remember, don’t be shy when looking for work. Social media is also important. Let your friends and family know you’re looking for work, get yourself a profile on LinkedIn ( Networking is key and it’s important to get yourself noticed.

There are tons of websites you can access to search for work. One common site used by many job seekers is Indeed ( It’s easy to use. Punch in the type of work you’re looking for and the geographical area and hit search. You can also get email alerts sent to you from the website when new jobs are posted. So even when you’re not actively searching, a dream job could potentially land in your inbox.

There are other websites that do the same thing as Indeed. Monster ( and Career Builders (, ZipRecruiter (, Simply Hired ( and Mighty Recruiter ( are also heavily used by job seekers.

If there’s a company you’d really like to work for you can always go straight to its website. Many companies have careers buttons on their sites. Click on ‘careers’ and you might get lucky. Some companies such as Ontario Power Generation and Hydro One also allow you to upload your resume even if there are no jobs currently available. That makes it easier to apply for jobs when they appear as your resume will already be on file.

Another website worth visiting is Employment Ontario ( The site provides an extensive number of resources to help you in your job search. The site provides a link to job boards and another to adjusting after a job loss. Have a question? Click the ‘Live Chat’ button and someone will answer whatever questions you have for them. If you need to upgrade your training or need apprenticeship information there are resources there to guide you through your search. You can even schedule an appointment online to meet with a counsellor in person for further help in your job search. Here’s how to contact Employment Ontario by phone toll-free 1-800-387-5656, TTY: 1-866-533-6339. By email

Community service providers

There are also a number of Durham Region Community Service Providers who can help you in your job search. Contact them by phone, online or in person at locations across Durham Region. See for a service provider near you.

These days the Internet has made it much easier to search and apply for work. It also makes it far more convenient to connect you with service providers who will also help you in your quest for a new job. Keep in mind though while the Internet has made it more convenient to search for work it’s still no easy task landing a new job. There are thousands of people looking for work so competition is stiff. The ease of applying for work online has also placed a burden on recruiters and companies looking to hire as they have to go through a higher volume of applicants. So make sure your cover letter and resume are beyond reproach because the people sifting through resumes are looking for anything, even something minor, to whittle down the stack of applicants.

It’s 2018. Newspapers are no longer the go-to resources for jobs but one thing that’s always current is a solid resume and catchy cover letter. You want to stand out from the rest. Do that and your job search will be over sooner than you might think.