Nuclear Energy Sector Study

The Durham Workforce Authority released its Nuclear Energy Sector Study.

Nuclear technology is a major and integral part of Canadian manufacturing and innovation, contributing over $5 billion to the Canadian economy through a variety of channels (Canadian Nuclear Association, 2013).

Durham Region is home to two nuclear power generating stations, Pickering and Darlington Nuclear, and 40 members of the supply chain. All of these employers provide direct employment opportunities for area residents, as well as the creation of indirect jobs in other industries such as construction, retail, and food and accommodation.

The Durham Workforce Authority has initiated this sector study to examine the nuclear sector within the local context of Durham Region. In essence, this work will provide the necessary evidence to develop a strategic direction for actions and partnerships supporting labour force demand and position this sector and all of its suppliers to respond to business opportunities as they arise, particularly in response to the Refurbishment and potentially New Build projects.

Durham Region is well situated to become a gateway for nuclear energy in the province with Pickering and Darlington Nuclear, three post-secondary institutions, a thriving supply chain, a skilled workforce, and engaged governmental officials and community partners

This report consists of an overview into the nuclear industry in Ontario and Canada, as well as in-depth data analysis of the industry as it pertains to Durham Region.

It will also examine the refurbishment and new build projects and their overall economic impacts as well as impacts on the local labour market.

This report provides 15 new occupational profiles to provide insight into some of the direct nuclear occupations prevalent within Durham Region.

Nuclear Energy Sector Study 2013 (pdf)