Micro Skills Mapping & Micro Credentials and Badges Reports

Agricultural Skills Mapping Report

The DWA has created a report of the mapped activities completed by unemployed Lakeview residents who participate in the We Grow Food urban farming program to demonstrate employability skills. Individuals who participate in the urban farming program obtain skills that can get them ready to maintain attachment to the labour force and remove the social isolation that can be an employment barrier. Assisting participants to understand and value the skills obtained in the program can help move participants to employment.

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Micro Credentials and Badges Report

While formal certification, diplomas and degrees have long been recognized ways of demonstrating educational attainment, knowledge and skill, micro-credentials and badges are growing in popularity. They offer a new way for adults to focus their learning in a targeted area and earn recognition for that learning quickly.

The question of who can deliver micro-credential courses is a big one, and is of particular interest to the Durham Workforce Authority and the Literacy Network of Durham Region. While the issuing of micro-credentials has been largely confined to post-secondary institutions, this report seeks to uncover other opportunities. Can they be delivered to under-represented individuals by Workforce Planning Boards, Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) programs, and other community organizations?

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Micro Credentials and Badging Report, 2022

French Language Translation – Micro Credentials and Badging Report, 2022