Physicians, dentists and veterinarians

This minor group includes physicians, dentists and veterinarians. They work in private practice; and are employed by hospitals, clinics, and public health facilities; animal clinics, and farms; laboratories, universities, and government; and in industry.

3111 · Specialist physicians
1 Job

This unit group includes specialist physicians in clinical medicine, in laboratory medicine and in surgery. Specialists in clinical medicine diagnose and treat diseases and physiological …

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3112 · General practitioners and family physicians
7 Jobs

General practitioners and family physicians diagnose and treat the diseases, physiological disorders and injuries of patients. They provide primary contact and continuous care toward the …

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3113 · Dentists
11 Jobs

Dentists diagnose, treat, prevent and control disorders of the teeth and mouth. They work in private practice or may be employed in hospitals, clinics, public …

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3114 · Veterinarians
8 Jobs

Veterinarians prevent, diagnose and treat diseases and disorders in animals and advise clients on the feeding, hygiene, housing and general care of animals. Veterinarians work …

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