Library, correspondence and other clerks

This minor group includes library assistants and clerks, correspondence, publication and regulatory clerks, survey interviewers and statistical clerks. They are employed by libraries and other establishments with library services; newspapers, periodicals and publishing firms; and by market research and polling firms, government departments and agencies, utility companies, contact centres and other establishments throughout the public and private sectors.

1451 · Library assistants and clerks
1 Job

Library assistants and clerks issue and receive library materials, sort and shelve books and provide general library information to users. They also perform clerical functions. …

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1452 · Correspondence, publication and regulatory clerks
1 Job

Clerks in this unit group write correspondence, proofread material for accuracy, compile material for publication, verify, record and process forms and documents, such as applications, …

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1454 · Survey interviewers and statistical clerks
0 Jobs

Survey interviewers contact individuals to gather information for market research, public opinion polls or election and census enumeration. Statistical clerks code and compile interview and …

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