Central Planning Table (CPT)

The Council will work to strengthen local capacity to address local workforce development challenges and opportunities through an active consultation with local community, provincial, municipal partners. The primary goal for the LEPC will be to participate in collaboration and joint-knowledge building to develop a collective response to the challenges faced in the local community. LEPCs will connect diverse local groups (e.g., employers, service providers and other community stakeholders) and their ideas, resources and services (such as skills training) to more effectively plan employment and training service delivery, generate local labour market knowledge, address the workforce development needs of employers, and help shape changes to the local labour market.

The LEPC will serve as a central planning table comprised of key community representatives such as service providers, employer groups, industry associations, and Chambers of Commerce, and different levels of government.

The LEPC will work together to improve labour market conditions in local communities through the provision of research and labour market information to drive innovation in service delivery based on solid evidence based in valuing equally four interacting domains of activity:

The role of the LEPC is to support community capacity building and adhere to good management practices in the maintenance of accurate progress reports and financial records. To this end, LEPCs are responsible for:

For more information about the Central Planning Table, please contact: admin@durhamwa.ca