Jobs First Durham FAQs


How Do I Post my Job with Jobs First Durham?

Employers cannot post to Jobs First Durham directly; however, when you post on any of the top job posting websites for our region, the Jobs First Jobs Board automatically lists your posting conveniently for job seekers in Durham Region.

Jobs First Durham aggregates postings from over 40 unique websites, including:

  • Indeed
  • Canada’s Job Bank
  • Ontario Public Service Job Bank
  • Career Arc
  • Jobilico
  • Kijiji
  • Charity Village
  • Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre
  • Durham College Community Employment Resource Centre
  • Centre d’Emploi Francophone de Durham (COFRD)
  • Agilec
  • Durham Recruiting
  • Oshawa Centre
  • City of Pickering
  • Municipality of Clarington
  • Town of Ajax
  • Township of Brock
  • Township of Scugog
  • Local Work
  • Career Builder
  • Work Cabin
  • Aboriginal Job Board
  • Metis Nation Jobs Board
  • Indigenous Careers
  • Dr. Careers
  • Farms at Work
  • Workopolis

Do I have to pay to post Jobs on Jobs First Durham?

Jobs First Durham is a free tool provided by the Durham Workforce Authority to help job seekers and employers alike. Some of our compatible sites charge fees to post with them, but many provide their services for free. Since we do not directly host job postings, we do not charge any listing fees.

Will my Job Postings Outside Durham Region be Listed?

If you’re an employer hiring for a job outside of Durham Region, it won’t appear on Jobs First Durham. You can go to to find more resources specific to your area.

I am hiring for a job in Durham Region, why isn’t my job showing up on Jobs First Durham?

There are a few reasons your job may not be registered with Jobs First Durham:

  1. It is not posted with one of the sites aggregated by the Jobs First Jobs Board
    • See the list of compatible sites at the top of the FAQ section.
  2. You may have forgotten to input your address
    • Search for your job using the search function on our Jobs Board. If your job shows up here, but not on the Map, return to your original posting and input the location of your company or job. Check back in 24 hours to locate your job on the map.
  3. Your address may be incompatible
    • If you don’t see your job on the Jobs Board or the Map, return to your original posting and check the address. If your posting address is associated with a head office or other location outside of the region, try changing your address on the original posting to the location of the job itself. Check back in 24 hours to locate your job on our board or map.

Most issues are resolved using by the above three solutions. If you’ve attempted these fixes and still don’t see your job, please contact us.

I don’t want my Job listed on Jobs First Durham.

Please contact us.

How Do I Post my Training Opportunity with Jobs First Durham?

Your training opportunity can be posted at no charge through our Jobs First Durham Training Board.  Please click here to submit your opportunity.  You can view an instructional video on how to post your opportunity on our YouTube page.

Job Seekers

How Do I Apply for a Job?

Job postings listed on Jobs First Durham link back to their original sources. For more details about the job and how to apply, click the job title or the “Go to Job Posting” link near the bottom of the listing.

Why Do the Postings take me to Another Site?

Rather than hosting job postings, Jobs First Durham pulls postings specific to Durham Region from popular job boards and aggregates them in one spot for your convenience. The posting is still from the original site, we simply make it easier for you to find.

How Do I Refine my Search?

You can use the toolbar on the left to filter your results, streamlining your search to help you see only the jobs you want. If you are looking for something more specific, you can sort postings with key words by using the search bar.

What is the Jobs Map?

The Jobs First Durham Jobs Map is a tool that visually lays out the locations of active job postings within Durham Region. The map can be overlaid with useful services such as child care, transit, employment services, education, apprenticeship training sites and more so you can effectively plan out your employment needs.

What is the Career Explorer?

The Jobs First Durham Career Explorer is a tool that visually displays different career paths based on in demand jobs in Durham Region. Job circles are sized to reflect salary or active job postings in the system, and can be filtered by sector while displaying wage/salary information, skills and career profiles.

A full FAQ is available including key LMI definitions.  Download it here:

Durham Region LMI FAQ

In addition to the data provided by StatCan, DWA conducts its own surveys to collect information pertaining to Durham Region. Reports prepared by DWA are located here.

Requesting LMI from Durham Workforce Authority

To request customized Durham Region LMI on the variables mentioned beforehand, please use the data request form.

Jobs First Durham Reports

Are Jobs Double Counted if they are Posted More than Once?

The system de-duplicates before it gets into your system. The first thing we do is check for recent duplicates. If there’s an existing post from the same employer with the same job title from the last 48 hours, we discard the ’new’ one as a duplicate. Once the posting passes through that ‘gate’, we then check to see if there’s ANY active postings from the same employer with an identical title that is OLDER than 48 hours. If any of these are found, they are set to expired status, the new posting is added, and becomes the new authoritative posting for that job title.