Durham Under 30 Survey

photo of youth thinkingThe primary objective of the Durham Region Under 30 Survey is to gain a better understanding of education and employment trends of youth within Durham Region.

The survey focuses upon two major areas: education and employment. Since 2010, Durham Region has had one of the highest youth unemployment rates in Ontario as well as Canada, and this research has and will continue to serve as a way to create and amend programs and services within the community to better serve youth.

This research allows youth serving organizations, educational institutions, municipal governments and a variety of other community stakeholders access to relevant information and data to address issues such youth unemployment, the attraction and retention of youth and the positive promotion of youth within the community.

Currently, the survey is in its fifth year and is being administered through many youth serving organizations in Durham Region, including Employment Ontario service providers, community-based programs, post-secondary institutions and secondary schools.

With this research the Durham Workforce Authority has established a quality in-depth examination of youth trends in Durham Region in order to address the issues facing youth in Durham Region.

Here is the link to the current survey: http://bit.ly/durhamunder25

To read the summary report click here: DWA-DR-Under30-Summary 2018-10-17