Priority Sector Profile Reports

The Durham Workforce Authority (DWA) engaged in five Sector Planning Partnership Grants (SPPG) to better understand the changing landscape in Durham Region.  This included the healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture sectors.

The five sector profile reports were undertaken to provide an assessment of the current state of each sector at the local level in Durham. The analysis took into account the impacts of local workforce developments, technological advancements, and the pandemic to assess the required, sector-specific, supports required to ensure ongoing, positive growth and development.

The sector profile reports provide a detailed overview of each sector, analyze current data trends, and provide strategic guidance for local intervention in the economic and labour market development of local industry in each sector.

The need for this research was first signaled by the Region of Durham Economic Development and Tourism’s intention to update their regional economic development plan in the near future and workforce development is a key component of this plan.  To ensure each of the five sectors continues to grow and thrive within the region, it was essential to study the current state of the sector, the workforce, pandemic, technology impacts, and the required regional sector supports that will influence these sectors.

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