North Durham Community Survey to help measure community needs and skills gaps

surveyA community survey launched by the Durham Workforce Authority (DWA) will help shed light on community services needs and skills gaps in north Durham Region.

The north Durham community survey, found at www., asks questions related to demographics, education, labour force status, the use of community services and programs, and suggestions for service enhancements.

The data collected in the survey will help the DWA produce a North Durham Community Report which will provide a fuller understanding of community needs in north Durham. The report will provide accessible, quantitative data that can be used in the community planning process by municipalities, community organizations and employers.

Currently, relevant Statistics Canada data is suppressed, as it frequently can’t be extracted to smaller geographies due to smaller populations and confidentiality issues. The majority secondary data sources available have also suppressed data for north Durham, leaving a knowledge gap in quantifiable data.

The north Durham community had identified a lack of information on community and service needs and skills gaps, during several earlier community consultations conducted by the DWA. The recommendation to create the North Durham Community Report from a custom survey created specifically for north Durham grew out of those community consultations.

The DWA has a goal of collecting 200 completed surveys. North Durham includes the municipalities of Scugog, Uxbridge and Brock.

“The Durham Workforce Authority conducted the North Durham Employer Survey in 2015-2016. The community has requested a follow up community survey to augment these results and create a fulsome picture of the region,” said Paige Marlow, DWA director of research. “We worked closely with the Scugog Economic Development Committee, the Brock Township Economic Development Committee and the Region of Durham’s Economic Development Officer responsible for north Durham to develop the partnership and survey.”

The North Durham Employer Survey results showed there are potential skills gaps, attraction and retention issues, barriers related to socio-economic conditions such as transportation and housing, and systems that are hindering employment and growth in north Durham. The North Durham Community Survey will address these gaps and allow for a fulsome picture of the area to be painted.
Access to just-in-time labour market information will be critical for the planning processes for municipalities, community organizations, employers and residents.

Created 15 years ago as part of a government initiative aimed at building a network of locally-focused labour market organizations, the Durham Workforce Authority (DWA) has evolved into an effective research and planning body funded by the Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD). The DWA has successfully engaged Durham’s business and labour communities while providing critical local labour market analysis and reports to the ministry and to the region’s many stakeholders.

To participate in the survey visit: