More preparation for ‘careers’ and less for ‘jobs’ could be key to narrowing the gap

This may begin to sound like a broken record, but its importance need not be undermined. Another article was posted, this time within Forbes Magazine, regarding the widening gap between unemployed individuals and companies in need of qualified candidates. Within this article, Forbes introduces their Reinventing America conference, which addressed several reasons as to why the skills gap exists.

There is currently an information gap, which shows that 115,000-120,000 students show up at colleges every year, unaware of the jobs in high demand. “How can we give them the skills they need if they do not know what is out there?” questions Cheryl Hyman, Chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago.

Much of the change is happening at the college level, where we have to prepare these students for future careers, not just future jobs. We need to not only focus on access to education, but success within these institutions, notes Hyman, and then we could potentially notice a narrowing in the gap.