Life After COVID – Your Road to Recovery

Life After COVID is a new reference and referral website created by the DWA. It provides a comprehensive directory of resources available to the Durham community and will serve as an important hub of information for those seeking to build skills and re-enter the workforce.

The widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has had major implications for the labour force in Durham Region, and around the world. It has displaced thousands of workers and left businesses struggling. The Durham Workforce Authority created Life After COVID to help affected people find the resources they need to successfully re-enter the labour force.

Highlights of the resources provided by the Life After COVID website include links to;

  • Job searching, resume help, and skills upgrading for job seekers
  • Business support organizations, government assistance, and PPE suppliers for employers
  • Local industry information specific to Durham Region

Life After COVID will host information on the community support organizations that can help with job search, resume creation and workshops.  Links are also provided to the adult upgrading providers and local post-secondary institutions, along with a searchable list of occupation profiles with custom local labour market information.

As Durham Region’s economy reopens, many people will require support to help them rebound from the economic impacts of COVID-19. Life After COVID will connect people and businesses to existing resources which will enable a smoother road to recovery for the workforce in Durham Region.

Visit the Life After COVID website here: