Jobs First Career Library – An Overview

Jobs First Career Library

The Durham Workforce Authority has recently launched the Jobs First Career Library, a tool indexing all 500 National Occupation Classification (NOC) codes in the context of Durham Region. The National Occupational Classification is Canada’s national system for describing occupations and is useful for understanding the types of employment opportunities available in the Region.

The DWA wanted to provide a tool that not only gives information about different occupations but also provides contextual information about how those occupations fit into the Durham Region employment story. The Jobs First Career Library accomplishes just that, pairing general occupational information such as income with region-specific information such as local employers hiring for those positions.

The tool allows you to browse all or search for specific occupations, with each listing providing information on active job postings, potential career paths, alternate job titles, and local employers for the selected occupation. Here you will also find salary and income details, and regional employment participation, all broken down by demographics such as age, sex, education, and more.

Administrative OfficerA sample listing for Administrative Officers can be found here, with a general description at the top (including a banner stating this occupation is in demand), and the pertinent information broken down on the left side of the page. Active job postings are displayed by default to immediately provide up to date information on what jobs are being hired for currently in the Region.

Job seekers will be able to leverage this tool to better understand the opportunities available to them in Durham Region, and the paths they can take to achieve their employment goals. Employers will be able to gain extra, more in-depth exposure for their company and job postings. Job developers will gain access to better information to help them connect people with the work they are seeking. Overall, we believe this tool provides tremendous value to the community and the labour market of Durham Region.

You can visit the Jobs First Career Library here.