Is the skills gap the result of difficulties finding fitting employees, or exaggeration on behalf of employers?

Canada, like other counties, is attempting to deal with seemingly paradoxical issues. On one hand, we have an unemployment rate that has recently increased in many parts of the country, and on the other we have companies who have job opportunities, but are having trouble finding qualified candidates. This odd situation may be the result of a series of mismatches between the skills individuals have and the skills employers need. Although it was noted in the TD Economics Report that it has been increasingly difficult for companies to find employees with the skills they require, it has also been noted that it is in the employers’ interest to claim that there are not enough “qualified candidates for jobs”. According to Tanya Antoniw, Workforce Windsor-Essex executive director, employers claim that there are not enough qualified candidates because “it helps them make the case for government subsidized training programs”.

Regardless of whether there is an exaggeration on the part of the employers or reflective of a true skills gap in certain sectors, Tanya Antoniw still notes that Canada needs a better system for keeping track of who is hiring. Without proper information regarding skills and employment in demand, Canadians cannot make good decisions about future plans of action.

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