DWA Releases Updated Labour Market Plan

The Durham Workforce Authority (DWA) has released its updated Labour Market Plan (LMP). 2020 was a census year; the DWA has included updated data sets and analyzed eight high-level community indicators provided by the Ministry of Labour Immigration and Skills Development as well as custom-purchased additional data from Statistics Canada and other research organizations such as Build Force.

The DWA has created a revised community plan, integrated activities with regional economic development plans, and focused on the coming changes with the Service System Manager.

The plan strives to provide leadership in community planning, creates opportunities to share at least some of our DWA data sets, and seeks to create community partnerships.

The plan is released annually to the broader community in both official languages. Our staff will continue public outreach to provide labour market information to the community.

New this year, the DWA convened an ad hoc community advisory group from our community partners to review the Labour Market plan. We thank those partners for their interest in our work; their insights are invaluable.

The Workforce Planning Boards are workplace intermediaries that improve labour market conditions in local communities through enhanced collection and dissemination of local labour market information and community engagement to drive regional approaches in the planning and delivery of employment and training services. The Durham Workforce Authority (DWA) has 27 years of experience delivering local labour market information to Durham Region stakeholders.

To read the report, click here.