Durham Region Workforce Survey 2021

The Durham Workforce Authority (DWA), in collaboration with the Social Research Centre (SRC) at Ontario Tech University (formerly known as UOIT), is conducting research on employment trends in Durham Region. The DWA is funded through the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (LTSD) and aims to improve the availability of local labour market information in Durham Region.

The DWA and SRC, with significant input from community partners, have worked collaboratively to create a survey designed to provide significant information on the workforce in Durham Region. The Workforce Survey will be utilized to fill significant gaps in labour market information and better understand the skills and needs of the workforce in Durham Region.  This survey probes respondents on topics such as education, employment, training, job skills, and programs and services in Durham Region.  Analysis of this data will be used to augment data collected from the 2021 Employer Survey and create a fulsome picture of the supply and demand of the labour force in Durham Region.

Your contribution to this process is extremely important and highly valued. The survey data will be anonymized and will not be linked back to you in any way.  The survey takes approximately fifteen to twenty minutes to complete.  Please find the link to the survey below.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact Matthew Stein, Director of the Social Research Centre, via e-mail at matthew.stein@ontariotechu.ca or via phone at (905)721-3092.

This study has been approved by the Ontario Tech University Research Ethics Board [REB # 16591] on November 26, 2021.

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