Durham Ideas Den

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Idea Submissions

Durham Region College Students with a venture idea that could benefit local communities were invited to join the Durham Ideas Den.

Challenge Brief

The Durham Community Innovation Lab is searching for big, bold ideas with a potential to significantly impact our local economies and improve our communities – Ideas that translate into solutions to existing problems within communities, organizations or cities in the Durham Region and reflect one of the following themes:

  • Re-thinking Poverty
  • Re-thinking Transportation systems
  • Re-thinking Youth Engagement
  • Re-imagining the image of the Region
  • Re-thinking Climate Change

At the Community Innovation Lab, (Co-ilab), focuses is on mitigating ‘the underemployment crisis’ facing post-secondary youth, by crafting innovative experiential opportunities to engage youth in cross sectoral initiatives that addresses system failures associated with complex social and environmental challenges within cities, organizations and neighbourhoods. Co-ilab curates a series of community, campus and corporate ideas jams with the citizen sector, students, city and business leaders, to identify and define the big sticky challenges facing communities and to further engage youth in generating creative solutions to transform these ‘traditional liabilities into future assets’.