Do It In Durham Entrepreneurship Week 2020

Now in its 8th year, ‘Do It In Durham’ hosted by the Business Advisory Centre of Durham, (BACD) is Durham Region’s opportunity to learn about, explore, and support entrepreneurship. The Durham Workforce Authority (DWA) is proud to be a long-time sponsor of this important annual event. This week-long series of seminars, workshops and other events to support the inspiration of small to medium-sized business in the region.

Business growth in the region is one of the things that the DWA tracks and our data unequivocally shows that small business dominates in Durham.  This graphic illustrates the number of businesses with employees in white and the number without employees in black.  It paints an important picture of the role small and medium-size businesses play in our region.

One of the many great things about Do it in Durham is the wide range of events types and topics that they touch on.  This includes opportunities to participate in business training, networking, seminars, webinars and workshops for all local business owners and those aspiring to become business owners.

The importance of networking cannot be understated but it’s important to remember networking isn’t just about connecting people. It’s about connecting entrepreneurs with people, with ideas, and with opportunities.  Do it in Durham teaches our business owners how to network and then presents them with opportunities to put that education to the test.

Another critical area for small businesses is intellectual property(IP). IP strategy is crucial for a company for achieving its business objectives.  The BACD offers important training on different types of IP rights including trademarks, copyrights, new media, trade secrets and patents and how they can be used to create an IP strategy and build an IP portfolio. They also explore the importance of creating content that is continually fresh, that is engaging, and that is designed to keep readers interested so that Durham businesses remain top of mind.

Our mission is to champion the development and maintenance of a sustainable and dynamic workforce.  Events like Do it in Durham are a major contributor to the diversity and strength of our workforce and we are proud to support them.

We encourage all business owners and those aspiring to ownership to check out our website.  The DWA offers labour market information that can support business be successful in our region through a strong understanding of the labour market, the major sectors and other data points.  Please be sure to visit our Jobs First Durham data site with 897 data points or feel free to contact us directly.