Subject Matter Working Groups (SMWG)

As a function of the Central Planning Table (CPT), Subject Matter Working Groups (SMWG) will work to strengthen local capacity to address local workforce development challenges and opportunities through an active consultation with local community, provincial, municipal partners. SMWG will connect key industry, labour and community representatives and their ideas, resources and services to plan employment and training service delivery, generate local labour market knowledge, address the workforce development needs of employers, and help shape changes to the local labour market.

The SMWG will serve as planning tables comprised of key community representatives such as service providers, employer groups, industry associations, and Chambers of Commerce, and different levels of government.

The SMWG will work together to improve labour market conditions in local communities through the provision of research and labour market information to drive innovation in service delivery based on solid evidence based on the following activities:

Integrated Planning: Workforce development planning with employers and employer associations. Labour force adjustment planning activities with employers and training institutions to bridge gaps between skills needs and available training and in concert with the CPT serve as a point of contact and key facilitator for linking employers, service providers, other ministries and levels of government and other community groups to identify and respond to labour market and workforce development challenges and opportunities and gaps in employment and training and human and social services, through collaborative planning.

Service Coordination for Employers: Acting as a hub for connecting employers, industry associations, sector groups and other employer groups with appropriate employment and training services to address their workforce development needs.

Supporting cluster development: SMWG are community-based and as such have opportunity to see out expertise and connections to achieve local clusters. SMWG will develop cluster strategy recommendations among potential partners including businesses, educational, and sector-specific and government organizations.