The primary goal for the LEPC is to participate in collaboration and joint-knowledge building to develop a collective response to the challenges faced in the local community. LEPCs connect diverse local groups (e.g., employers, service providers and other community stakeholders) and their ideas, resources and services (such as skills training) to more effectively plan employment and training service delivery, generate local labour market knowledge, address the workforce development needs of employers, and help shape changes to the local labour market.

As a matter of course, the staff and board live and breathe our philosophy, ‘we are all about the share.’  Which simply means, that we happily share our information and research with our community.

Putting labour market information and data in the hands of the community is what we do.

We are self described ‘data geeks’ who remain excited about data and our community and we work hard to share our knowledge.

There’s a lot going on in the labour market; it’s constantly changing. There needs to be a coordinating body to manage the activities, interventions and collaborations, and the DWA fills that need. Community stakeholders agree to pursue specific results among a targeted group of people by coordinating investments, analysis, learning and advocacy. Research is conducted in partnership with the broader community, the DWA Board of Directors and staff to foster a culture of inquiry and provide support for development.

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