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Career Calculator

Thinking about a new career locally?

The Career Calculator will help you investigate careers using local labour market information such as wages, education programs, costs, and current hiring demand so you have more information to make a decision about your career. Users are encouraged to confirm total education and related study period costs directly with the institution and investigate the relevancy and legitimacy of job postings to their target occupation. This tool relies on National Occupation Classification codes to group similar occupations together for research and analysis purposes.

Please fill out the below fields. By providing your current (or most recent occupation) and related information, we can show you how your current situation may change based on the careers you’re investigating.

Please fill out the below fields. Begin by entering in the Target Occupation that you’re thinking about pursuing. Once selected, the calculator may provide you with potential local wages found in job postings or reported in the most recent census. You can select a wage/salary information that best aligns with your work experience and educational background, or you can enter custom values.

Enter your education costs and details. If we have information about a local education program that relates to your target occupation, you can select one in order to pre-fill the calculator, or you can enter custom values.

The following education programs were found for your target occupation. Click/tap one to automatically fill the above boxes:

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