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DWA Receives Significant Grant for Local Labour Market Planning

Durham Region – The Durham Workforce Authority (DWA) pleased to announce the successful outcome of the request for proposal (RFP) for Local Employment Planning Councils funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU).

In late spring 2015, MTCU released a call for proposals for eight pilot sites for a Local Employment Planning Council (LEPC).  It is intended that these LEPCs will serve as a new version of workforce planning at the local level.

This new grant will allow the Durham Workforce Authority to continue to conduct and expand ground breaking labour market research including its Employer Survey and Durham Under 30 Survey as well as partnership work such as the Learning Community and the Career Ladder Project.

DWA President, Axel Starck said, “The Durham Workforce Authority submitted a proposal grounded in the 18 years of labour market research in Durham Region and is excited about the work ahead.  We look forward to continuing to work with our current and future partners to continue local labour market planning, research and innovation.”

The LEPC pilots are intended to improve local labour market conditions through the provision of research and labour market information to drive innovation in service delivery based on solid, local evidence. The emergence of the Local Employment Planning Council proposal is a timely response to the need to continue and to increase the collection, dissemination and use of Local Labour Market information to move Durham Region and the province toward the development of a workforce planning system, within organizations, clusters and regions. A more strategic approach to workforce planning is becoming increasingly important to assist organizations, regions and communities to respond to a variety of factors such as an aging workforce, current and projected labor shortages, a desire to increase productivity and the evolution of technology and tools.

As local issues become more complex, a cross‐sectoral response is often needed. The DWA will use the LEPC opportunity to work with a broad, diverse and regionally representative committee to strengthen local capacity to plan for future local labour needs, changes and challenges.  The DWA will approach the LEPC as a collaborative partnership with the DWA as the lead organization and with the Region of Durham and Durham College as key partners.  This partnership is valuable and can provide a strong and focused approach to delivering on the LEPC objectives.

For additional information, please contact: Heather McMillan


Durham Under 30 Survey and Employer Survey Live 

Community planning takes work and a lot of research. This month, the Durham Workforce Authority (DWA) is launch its ground breaking community surveys the two skill shed surveys and its Durham Under 30 Survey.

The surveys  will focus on Durham Region’s residents’ employment lifestyles. Questions will inquire about residents’ general characteristics, employment statuses, skill sets, desired wages and commuting patterns.

As an employer, you can participate in the survey, click here.

Additionally, this is the link for the employee survey and we would appreciate you sharing it with your staff

Visit the Survey Button to Fill out the Durham Under 30 Survey and the Skill Shed Survey.