Welcome to the Durham Workforce Authority

The Durham Workforce Authority (DWA) provides leadership in labour market planning through the creation of the annual labour market plan. The 2013 plan released in March 2013, identifies existing and new program and service needs, informs and supports program and service decisions, and contributes to the setting of budget priorities and allocations. Our local economies require provincially supported, collaborative, locally-made and locally-focused interventions.

We continuously come across the community challenge of obtaining meaningful information for the labour market, and the availability of basic information gaps even at an aggregate level.  To address these gaps, the DWA engaged in primary research – a first for the organization.

The DWA has produced an update to the March 2013 plan in light of new data made available through Statistics Canada and MTCU.  Every five years, Canada carries out a national survey, the most recent being in 2011. The results of the 2011 National Household Survey form the basis of the following update regarding the local labour market.

Additionally, the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities provided its Workforce Planning Boards specially compiled data that has program statistics related to Apprenticeship, Employment Service, Literacy and Basic Skills and Second Career for the 2012-13 fiscal years.

Labour Market Plan Update October 2013


Annual General Meeting Presentation

Many thanks to our community partners who attended our Annual General Meeting.  We have received many requests to share our presentation.

2013 AGM PPt – DWA