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Durham Workforce Authority Launches Ground Breaking Study


Community planning takes work and a lot of research. This month, the Durham Workforce Authority (DWA) is launch its groundbreaking community survey – Skill shed.

Two internet surveys will be conducted between mid-October and December. The first survey will focus on Durham Region’s residents to analyze employment lifestyles. Questions will inquire about residents’ general characteristics, employment statuses, skill sets, desired wages and commuting patterns.

A second internet survey will be used to gather the experiences and perceptions of Durham Region employers. This part of the survey will shed light on how available resident skill sets and characteristics intersect with the skills sets and qualifications desired by employers.

The DWA Skill shed study will explore the characteristics of employees within that defined region; analyze the distribution of workers; examine worker characteristics such as age and wage; and report on the availability and willingness of current and prospective workers.

As an employer, you can participate in the survey, click here.

We would be grateful if you would forward this link to your other Durham Region business contacts.

Additionally, this is the link for the employee survey and we would appreciate you sharing it with your staff

Visit the Survey Button to Fill out the Durham Under 30 Survey and the Skill Shed Survey.